Lamb came about from our shared style and love for craftsmanship and interiors.

As believers in the power of the Internet we were happy to spend hours looking for “just the right piece”.  In fact, it was while restoring and decorating our homes while living in the US and London and then returning home, we realized - there was a huge gap between what could be sourced abroad and what could be found here in Ireland.

But, as big as that realization was, it was our friends and family who planted the seed for Lamb. Friends complimented our own décor choices by asking “where did you get that?” "How did you think to put that together," It was then we realized that not everyone has time to scour the Internet looking for the right piece… we could fill that gap. 

And so Lamb was born – an online destination to help busy people who share our love of a beautiful, pared-back, natural aesthetic. Our goal is to fill our customers’ homes with an incredible selection of heirloom quality pieces; and an eclectic assortment of handmade, unique products that tell their own story. Our greatest desire is to help you live beautifully.