Wild & Soft Elephant Head

Wild & Soft Elephant Head


We love the Wild & Soft Plush Elephant Head because he's so adorable & cuddly! Made to add the finishing touches to the nursery or the playroom, he's also a soft, plush toy to play with. The Wild & Soft Plush Animal Heads are handmade in Belgium which means that each one is an individual piece. George the plush elephant has a loop so you can hang him on the wall to decorate the nursery and easily take him down again to play with.

The Wild & Soft plush animal heads come in an eco-friendly box with a character introduction:

"My name is George and I am very easy to spot. I am the largest animal that lives on land. I am very strong and kind. I promise to always protect you, because my skin is very strong and can withstand being bashed about. And have you seen my trunk? I use it to eat with but also to play the trumpet. Would you like to play some music with me?"


  • 50 x 50 x 40cms
  • Surface clean
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