Art Hanger - Land of the Dinosaurs Aqua

Art Hanger - Land of the Dinosaurs Aqua

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Exclusive to Little Lamb in Ireland - Dino Raw's prints are an essential for any dino loving kid!

Made from Tasmanian Oak the Art Hangers are a wonderful alternative to framing. The Land of the Dinosaurs design is printed onto parchment paper which has a beautiful natural texture that really compliments the wooden hanger.

Size: A3 (29 x 42cms)

About Dino Raw

Dino Raw began several years ago, when Sarah Kermode was a stay at home mum to her two precious boys Jack & Ted.

With a strong background in fashion design & visual merchandising she began to lend her creativity towards illustrating for her boys.

"Draw dinosaur, Mum" was constantly repeated when her boys were around the ages of two and four years, and as time went on she found herself illustrating more and more dinosaurs at the request of her boys and other mums with little dino obsessed boys!

All of her illustrations are created by Sarah and she uses various mediums, including fine ink, crayon and marker. These friendly creations are then reproduced into a high quality print which she prints onto white linen paper & parchment paper, both have a beautiful natural texture that brings out the detail and color of the illustration.

Dino Raw is about facilitating our young one's love of dinosaurs without being too scary and is synonymous with friendly smiles & fun-filled colors. Dino Raw prints will brighten your little one's room & rest assured your little dino lover will sleep safe & sound as our friendly dinosaur watches over...Rawww!!

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