Bababou Hugg Bedside Crib

Bababou Hugg Bedside Crib


The Hugg® Crib allows for safe sleeping, giving baby their own crib space, while snuggled up next to the parent’s bed.


The Hugg Crib lets you stay close to your baby throughout the night, delivering peace of mind and a better night’s sleep for both baby and parents for up to the first six months.

It can be used as a bedside crib, mosses basket, or a standalone crib. However, the Hugg Crib can also be used as a stylish mid-century desk and bench for the playroom/nursery. Delivering functional properties beyond its original use. With this built in ability to re-purpose, you are being kinder to the environment and your pockets. As parents we understand that well-made, crafted products should last for years to be enjoyed by all. The expense of being a new parent can be justified when the products last longer too. Giving parents confidence in having made the right product choice.

Delivering all the wonderful benefits of close physical contact that babies need for Safety, Physiological Regulation, frequent feeding and sleep arousal for the first six months in accordance with research carried out by UNICEF.


The Bababou design philosophy is to produce products that have a longer use compared to the typical nursery products – being kinder to the environment. With clean lines, simple aesthetic: timeless pieces to be enjoyed for many years.


All the wood used is supplied from European Forests that must pass strict FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) demands for certification. All our finishes are water based, and our textiles are organic and sourced sustainably to OEKO-TEX and GOTs certification.

The organic Hugg Crib is made to order in the Bababou studio in Ireland. Therefore, the production timeframe is 12 weeks from the date of order.



Length: 82.5cm, Depth: 40 cm, Height: 33cm


Length: 90.5cm, Depth: 45cm


(Floor to top of mattress) 62cm, 6


Free delivery in Ireland. A small charge of €9.95 to the UK. For all other European and International Countries, please contact us for delivery rates at


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