Trend Talks - Paint it Pink - By Ferm Living

Pink is everywhere, from fashion to furniture. Take a tour through its fascinating story and see our characteristic designs in the colour of the season.


The trendsetting Salon del Mobile 2017 was bathed in a sea of muted shades of red and pink. From furniture design to fashion, the romance-associated colour is everywhere, and with good reason. The colour has a fascinating story, but a highlight of its features is studies showing that pink tones have a positive impact on our mood. A Swiss prison has even painted all their cells pink, as it cools down the aggressive temper of some of the inmates. Flowers, flamingo, foods, and precious stones are all features of the nature that are blessed by a pink exterior, and right now the colour is experiencing a momentum in the design world. No more white and greys; instead a bold choice of colours in dim hues is in fashion.

Pink is for boys
Today, pink is a usual suspect in gender stereotypes, as it's often thought of as a "girly" colour. However, this was not always the prevailing belief. In fact, up until the 1930s, the pale red was thought of as a colour for boys: The bright red was a powerful colour usually associated with men, why the lighter version, pink, was used for the smaller men: The boys.

The colour pink origins in the ancient Greece, and as early as the famous works of Homer, the colour is described. It, naturally, has a place in art history, used to create the colour of white people's skin, by mixing natural colour pigments of red and white to achieve the light tone. But when the artificial dyes were invented, the colour pink was on the rise. 1931 the Italian design Elsa Schiaparelli made it famous by inventing the variety "Shocking Pink", the colour we today know as magenta. Pink found its place on the runway and the stars in musicals and has ever since been associated with feminity. And so the colour got its new association as the colour for girls, even though it used to be the opposite.


Ferm Living's take on pink
For a few seasons, the colour has had a prominent place in our collections. But this fall, it steps in the foreground with the opening of our brand-new showroom THE HOME, in which the walls are painted with Senses 2024 – Jotun Supermat, a muted shade of rose. But the collection also features the colour in designs from statement pieces in pink to subtle accessories and bedding.
There are plenty of opportunities to explore the many possibilities of the colour. Try it out in your home with artful details, or go all the way and install a few modules of the Punctual shelves and let the colour change the entire room. Maybe you will find that it lifts the mood of your home as well.


Lamb's take on pink from our current Little Lamb collection...

Emma Lynch