Before and After - Lamb Co-Founder, Emma Lynch's Home in Brittas Bay

My home in Brittas Bay has been featured in the press in recent months, which has been lovely albeit a bit surreal! It was a labor of love and I loved every minute of the whole renovation experience! But it is now lovely to sit back and enjoy it after all the hard work!

So while everyone has seen the final, glossy, all finished images, I wanted to give a different perspective and give a glimpse into what it was like before it had its 'Extreme Makeover.'  For those of you who haven't heard the story and history of the house I will summarize briefly (promise to keep it short and keep the full story for our next blog post).

The house was once owned by my grandparents and they owned it from the 1950s to the 1990s. My dad and his siblings and their families all had their Summers and weekends here. My granny then sold it to another family when my granddad died, and that family owned it for another 20 years. Then three years ago by a serious stroke of luck and the stars aligning I got a chance to buy it back, renovate it and live in it with my own family!

So here is the fun part....the before and after pics! Would love your feedback and welcome any questions!

Before - Lounge


After - Lounge (notes: I filled in the arch way into the old dining room and knocked down the wall into the old kitchen, making the old kitchen the new dining room, which allows for light to flood in from both sides of the room. It also enables the dining room to have clear views out to sea and gives the whole space and open plan feeling. We ripped out the old fireplace and replace it with a wood burning stove and painted brick surround with reclaimed, vintage sleeper for the mantle.


Before - Utility Room


After - New Kitchen (Notes: We knocked down the wall between the old utility room and kitchen to make an open plan space between the kitchen, dining and new playroom (which was the old dining room). The difference in ceiling heights gives the space a sense of interest and helps to define each room. By knocking down the wall between the old utility room and dining room means the new kitchen has sea views and I can also keep an eye on the children playing.


Before - Old Kitchen


After - New Open Plan Dining Space - (Notes: this is the view looking from the island in the kitchen down into the dining room and sitting room. It is all open plan now with a 5 metre sliding door to the right of the room so we can enjoy indoor/outdoor living.

Before - Old Dining Room

After - New Playroom - (Notes: the playroom is now stepped down from the kitchen and there is bookcase in the old archway.

Before - Old TV Room/Games Room
After - New Master Bedroom with Floating Ensuite
Before - Back Hall
After - Back Hall

Before: Cleo's Room

After: Cleo's Bedroom
Before: Kids Bathroom
After: Kid's Bathroom
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