From Little to Large - Tips for Decorating Children's Bedrooms


Some planning goes a long way when decorating your children’s bedrooms…

One minute you’re putting the cot together, the next you’re arguing over the Justin Bieber posters adorning their walls.  Children’s rooms can be full of character, but often they outgrow their spaces in the blink of an eye.

You may not be able to counteract their growth spurts, but you can fend off design headaches when their tastes change from Frozen to Harry Potter.  Unplanned and over-themed rooms are the worst offenders. Plan a room well and you’ll be able to keep the design into their teen years.

Not involving kids in the decorating process is a common mistake. If the child loves their room they are more likely to enjoy spending time there. There are lots of ways to incorporate the things kids love in creative ways that satisfy style-savvy parents. Here are some of my tips:

1. Pick your Focal Point

Your focal point is the first wall you see when you walk into the room. This should be the showpiece – where you can use wallpaper, display artwork or have wall decals. It’s also the best place to position the bed. 

2. The Right Bed

Choose a bed for its longevity and neutral timeless appeal. A bed that can grow with a child is a great investment. 

3. Comfy Bedding

Always keep it simple so you can layer it up with throws, blankets and assorted cushions of different shapes and textures.

4. Filling the Room

I am not a big fan of changing tables and nursing chairs – they are temporary pieces that will be useless in no time. Instead use a chest of drawers with a changing mat on top – that way it can be used for storage as the child grown up. Choose a comfy armchair instead of a nursing chair so you can use it elsewhere in the house when you’ve finished nursing. 

5. Spacing and Artwork

Keep decorative wall pieces grouped together. For example, place an art print, felt animal head and garland together. Consider alternating heights in the room with a teepee, kids hanging chair or swing as a bedside table. Artwork is also a great way to get children involved in the decorating process: they can help choose pieces for their room. Wall decals add decorative accents to a room if wallpaper is not your thing.  Decals are also great if you are renting as they are easy to remove and move to your new house.

6. Cozy Corner

Every child’s room – big or small – should have a space for play and reading. Something as simple as a corner with various sized floor cushions and beanbags can look great and can be fun for a child. Teepees can also double up as a great reading nook and is a great hideaway from annoying parents!

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Emma Lynch