Mixing textures with a neutral palette in your bedroom

Lamb Design Bedroom Inspiration

While over-the-top colours, wild patterns and graphics are very trendy and great when done well, at Lamb we like to preserve simplicity rather than over coloring and over polishing. Trends are changeable but classics never date. Neutral colour palettes in your home are comfortable, calming and always induce a relaxed atmosphere.  

While many could look at neutral colors as boring or bland, there are several ways to make them incredibly beautiful and exciting by creating contrast in texture, tones and visual interest.  When creating your ideal neutral bedroom or interior remember that neutral tones should be layered in different textiles, with contrasting neutral toned finishes to create a cohesive look that doesn't bore the eye.

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Neutral doesn't just mean white or beige....there is actually a neutral of every color in the rainbow! Muted or washed out tones of your favourite colours can produce beautiful neutral alternatives. If you still like your favourite standbys: white, grey, taupe, black go for it, these classic colours will never go out of style.

Top tip

When adding dimension to your bedroom or any room in your home remember that materials and finishes play a strong role. Look to organic materials that are naturally neutral in tone but have distinct textures.  For example, rich reclaimed hardwoods, light driftwood, metals such as nickel and copper and brushed finishes. Wood or slate flooring, stone accent walls and reflecting theses materials in decor and wall art can help, bring another layer of neutral color palettes to your room.

Simply put...layering textiles is the key to creating a warm, well-designed space, and neutral colours allow you to create this space more easily. Scandinavians have had this design style down to a fine art for centuries!

Emma Lynch